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$8 Imperfect Puzzles

Badge Bomb Shop

$8.00 $20.00

Whoops. Apparently driving a forklift isn't like riding a bike, you can lose your edge. As a result, some of these puzzle boxes did too. Our imperfect puzzle deals are the same great puzzles, but their boxes got a little extra "attention" in their warehouse journey. Damage ranges from a smooshed corner or two to just a little bit too much concave on the lid from pressure. The pictures in this product listing will give you an idea of what you can expect on the extreme end (you can find more photos of each puzzle if you take a look at our puzzle section!). All puzzles are unopened.

For the classroom? Your vacation rental? Will your kids rough the box up anyway? 100% on the inside... not so much on the outside. Beauty is on the inside, anyway.