Meet Andrea Kang

Meet Andrea Kang

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Andrea Kang is a Brooklyn-based freelance illustrator, designer, and toy maker. She graduated with her Masters from the Rhode Island School of Design and since has created a dream-like world filled with creatures that evoke nostalgic reflections. Her minimalist approach challenges the viewer to investigate the subtle and complex narratives and emotions that underlie her seemingly cute characters. She has also taught, designed toys for Hasbro Inc., and participates in gallery exhibitions.

Andra Kang Mural, for Badge Bomb Interview

When did you first start working with us?

I started working with Badge Bomb about 10 years ago. I met Lauren and Scott at a mutual artist friend’s party in NYC and it all began from there.

What’s a Badge Bomb product you've designed that you're particularly proud of?

My white rabbit enamel pins. Inspired by one of my favorite characters the White Rabbit in “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” It’s this character that leads Alice to all of her adventures in Wonderland, symbolizing curiosity, and awakening. I wanted to create a pin that reminded you to enjoy the journey, twists, and turns that life has to offer.

Whit Rabbit by Andrea Kang Enamel Pin for Badge Bomb

We got back in touch this year to ask you to design a puzzle for our new line! It's designed with the same bears that you did on a magnet set for us way back when we first met, around 2011?

What types of processes did you use? Where were you when you designed it, how did you get into the mood - where is your inspiration?

I was living in a Christmas tree ornament factory that was converted into lofts in Rhode Island when I created these bears. These were inspired by some of the stuffed animals I collected as a child. I cut them out using various types of textured papers and then drew expressions on them with colored pencils.

Why did you want to make a puzzle?

As we’ve all been quarantined and socially distanced for some time now thought it would be a fun way for people to escape from stress, relax, and unwind. It can be a quite meditative and calming pastime.

What’s the first button or pin you owned and where did you get it?

First pin I can remember owning was from nursery school. It was of a cute stylized Christmas drummer boy my mom had gotten for me, not sure from where. I still have it…it’s in a bear pattern printed tin with some other childhood tchotchkes in my desk at my parents house.

What movie could you rewatch again and again?

Lost In Translation…seen it so many times I can recite most if not all of the film.

What's your favorite snack food?

Kettle potato chips. Anything crunchy & salty.

And last but certainly not least, what are some things that inspire you?

Andrea Kang Inspiration Locket by Badge Bomb
This drawing my niece did for me to put in my locket that I wear everyday.

Andrea Kang & Harlow BB Queen, Dog Muse for Badge Bomb
And Harlow aka BB Queen, my forever muse.

Andrea Kang & Harlow BB Queen, for Badge Bomb interview

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