Meet Lisa Congdon

Meet Lisa Congdon

Illustrator and author Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful, graphic drawings and hand lettering. She was named one of 40 Women Over 40 to Watch in 2015 and she is featured in the 2017 book, 200 Women Who Will Change the Way you See the World. She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

When did you first start working with Badge Bomb?

I started working with Badge Bomb in 2017! I met Lauren at an event, I visited the Badge Bomb HQ, we hit it off and everything rolled from there.

That’s right! We Make hosted a Design Week event where you interviewed Tuesday Bassen. Badge Bomb had just made a bunch of buttons, magnets, stickers, and cards with her and went to the event, where you met Lauren!

So, what’s a Badge Bomb product you've designed that you're particularly proud of? How did the idea come about?

When I started working with Badge Bomb, we were in a moment in history that was particularly painful. It was the beginning of a new level of divisiveness in the country that is now even more pronounced. Lauren and I talked a lot about the stuff that was on our own minds and hearts and also the minds and hearts of the people we knew. We both agreed that there was collective grief about the outward expressions of hate and racism that were being volleyed about. We knew buttons and stickers and patches wouldn’t solve that problem, but we wanted to create a set of products that people could wear and use to express unity.

Lisa ongdon & Badge Bomb Unity buttons, magnets, pins, patches, stickers, and more

Ok, so we're a button company, we have to ask: what’s the first button or pin you owned and where did you get it?

I grew up in the 70’s and pins were really big then. I honestly don’t remember exactly what it said, but my family attended a church that gave away pins. I remember they were in a basket in the parish foyer, and I was just excited to have a pin. It probably said something like Praise the Lord! Or something religious like that.

When you need some time offline and off work, what do you do?

I am an avid cyclist, and getting on my bike not only relieves my stress, it also gets my creative juices flowing again when I am stuck.

Lisa Congdon, Avid Cycler

Another question near and dear to our hearts: what’s your favorite snack food?

Kettle corn! I love anything salty and sweet.

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